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Career Counseling and Coaching

“Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness,” Sigmund Freud is often quoted as having said. While love or the lack of it tends to get a lot of attention in counseling, however, work can often be an underserved area.

Young Business Colleagues

Do you wake up excited to do what you do? Are you where you want to be in life professionally? Do you feel like the track you’re on will lead to a destination of integrity, pride, and fulfillment at the conclusion of your working years?


If the answer is ‘no’ or you aren’t sure, career counseling might be an excellent investment of time and resources.

  • evaluating resumés and cover letters

  • interviewing candidates

  • assessing for strengths and interests to determine suitable roles

  • negotiating job offers (both as an applicant and as an employer)

  • assessing competing offers to determine the best path forward in pursuit of one’s goals.

I have experience working with teens and adults of all ages, from college freshmen to seasoned professionals undergoing midlife role transitions and looking to reignite a lost passion they long to renew. Moreover, coming from a successful business background, I have experience as a hiring manager well-versed in the following skills:

Brainstorming Session

I draw upon all these experiences to help my clients reach their professional goals when feeling stuck or burnt-out in their current role.


I’m happy to work with clients on an ongoing basis for their career concerns, or, for those seeking a time-limited experience, the following option may be beneficial:

Working on Rooftop

About Joey

Career Discernment Package:
Six 50-minute sessions | $1,000

  • Intake interview to conceptualize interests, aptitudes, goals, and aspirations

  • Collaborative evaluation of career assessment results to determine next steps

  • Job search strategies discussion to determine available opportunities in line with goals

  • Comprehensive resume & LinkedIn profile review

  • Comprehensive cover letter review

  • Interview preparation and roleplay

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